Mixed Emotions By Tanlines

Tanlines is a self-proclaimed "existential pop" duo from Brooklyn, New York. Composed of guitarist and vocalist Eric Emm and percussionist Jesse Cohen, Tanlines has been perfecting their sound since they formed in 2008. They met when Emm was assisting to produce Cohen's band Professor Murder. Finding that they worked well together, they started collaborating on music soon after meeting.

Tanlines proofs for Highlights album cover

After their Settings EP debut, Tanlines released their first full-length album Mixed Emotions in March of 2012. Use the Spotify player below to sample the album or support the artist and download Mixed Emotions by Tanlines on iTunes or Amazon.

The album is full of poppy dance tracks with subtle 80s soundscapes scattered throughout. But it's not all about the sound here. Tanlines are very meticulous in their songwriting process. Similar to Death Cab For Cutie, they craft pop songs with deep or sometimes even sad lyrics and set them to happy, dance-worthy music. Just listen to track number 6 Not the Same.

Despite the level of seriousness present in this album, Cohen and Emm do like to have fun and it shows in their @Tanlines Twitter feed and even with the relaunch of their Netflix parody website. You can also see their cheekiness reflected in the winkey-sad emoticon ;( that they created for this album. About the emoticon, Cohen said...

It's a combination of light and dark, but it's certainly a big part of our aesthetic and it's one that I would like to think that we helped to popularize.

Tanlines just released their latest album Highlights in May of 2015. It's a phenomenal follow-up to Mixed Emotions and shows how they can evolve as a band without compromising that existential pop sound that they've created. Sample Highlights with the Spotify player below. You can also download the album on iTunes or purchase the vinyl from Amazon.

They've been touring the country since the album dropped and there are only a few shows left before they head to Paris. You can check their tour dates here. Just a couple of weeks ago, they were out in Seattle at KEXP to play a short set in the studio. Watch the performance below.

I had the chance to catch them live at the U Street Music Hall in DC last night and what a performance! They had two other guys helping out with an acoustic drum kit and a 2nd guitar making the sound incredibly full, but not overwhelming in that small space. In similar style to their latest album, the concert started off strong, then softened in the middle. However, they saved all of their "bangers" for the end of the show and the crowd responded with dancing and a chorus of "Oh oh oh oh!" while they said goodbye via the song Real Life.

Tanlines performing at U Street Music Hall in Washington, DC

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