New Music: Teens of Style by Car Seat Headrest

Are you lonely? Do you feel like everyone else is getting married and living the "good" life? So does Will Toledo. He writes music and performs as Car Seat Headrest and he's working through all of these thoughts and their counterpart feels in his latest album Teens of Style.

Will Toledo as Car Seat Headrest

His sound is rough, but not sloppy; simple yet introspective. There's a feeling of distance in most of his songs. It's as if he is recording in an empty warehouse and the microphone is on the other side of the building. You'll find it familiar if you're a long-time fan of Beck. This effect also lends itself nicely to the emotional, and sometimes despondent, lyrics. I'm somewhat reminded of earlier recordings from Ben Lee that have been salted with pallidness. Use the Spotify player below to sample the album.

At 22, Toledo has been quite prolific, releasing 11 albums on his Bandcamp website. This album is actually a collaboration of some older songs, but now that he's on Matador Records (Belle and Sebastian, Kurt Vile, Savages) this release is in preparation for a 2016 album chocked full of new tracks called Teens of Denial.

For those of you in DC, he'll be playing a concert at DC9 on December 7. Maybe I'll see you there!